Bexhill Environment Group

Litter-picking at the stretching beach at Bexhill seafront.

BEG is an environmental action group working to protect and improve the Bexhill environment and promote a sustainable green future.

“We received a lot of high quality support, encouragement and guidance from Volunteer Centre East Sussex (VCES) setting up our volunteer programme. In the dialogue with VCES, perhaps most useful of all was the space created for us to think through what it was that volunteers might need, rather than just being focused on what we wanted from volunteers as an organisation, so that we now have a clear idea about the relationships.

We were already mindful of the need for insurance, risk assessments and other policies, but the help given to working out documents such as a Volunteer Handbook was very valuable.

There is a lot of expertise at VCES in writing role descriptions, and pro formas are in place, so this essential aspect of the programme was, for us, made easy. The help given in writing the role descriptions was very efficient.

The process of promoting our volunteer roles through VCES on was very straightforward.”

To read more about Bexhill Environmental Group have a look at the Bexhill Environmental Group website.