Hastings Town Centre Management

It is probably fair to say that some organisations find recruiting volunteers easier than others. Engaging people to help reduce crime against town centre businesses is possibly not a cause that is straightforward, or always particularly easy to get people involved with.

Hastings Town Centre Management Shopwatch LogoHastings Town Centre Management oversees Shopwatch and Barwatch which are two initiatives set up to reduce crime against businesses in the town.

Rob Woods is the Hastings Town Centre Manager; “Our Business Crime Reduction Coordinator found his way to Volunteer Centre East Sussex via Hastings Voluntary Action (HVA). He was aware that we could benefit ourselves by making better use of Do-It”.

Lee Shepherd VCES’ Volunteering Development Officer explains; “We work in close partnership with HVA and I took a call from them asking if I could assist a local group with recruiting volunteers. When I first saw the recruitment ad on Do-It, I was a bit concerned mainly as I couldn’t readily understand what was involved”.

Lee then rang the organisation to offer support and it was soon agreed that a rewrite of the opportunity was needed. Lee then made some suggestions as to how to redraft the ad and emailed his recommendations to the organisation; “I could see immediately that the opportunity title needed changing. I recall that it was titled  ‘Volunteer auditor’, which didn’t really seem to say that much to me and also starting any recruitment advertisement with the word ‘volunteer’ tends to mean that it’s pretty indistinct and it won’t stand out from the crowd”.

It helped us to know that there are services like VCES out there and that we can pass that resource on to other groups that we come into contact with.

Rob then ‘polished’ the reworked opportunity adding some further essential information and agreeing a change in title. It’s still early days but Rob is hopeful the reworked opportunity may create increased interest; “Working with VCES was easy – in our case it was all done via telephone and email and there were no barriers at all. Overall, we were very pleased with the response we received”.

To read more about Hastings Town Centre Management have a look at the Hastings Town Centre Management website.