POhWER is an independent advocacy agency, offering a range of services, including the East Sussex Advocacy Service for people with learning disabilities.

POhWERI approached Volunteer Centre East Sussex (VCES) with lots of questions around best practice in regards to volunteer recruitment. I wanted to gain knowledge about what resources were available locally in order to make POhWER’s volunteer opportunities available to individuals across East Sussex.

Volunteer Centre East Sussex was extremely helpful and went above and beyond my expectations and was able to provide a fantastic amount of local information. The information given to me definitely allowed me to achieve my aim of gaining guidance and local knowledge, supporting my organisations aims of ensuring that our volunteer opportunities are made accessible to as many individuals across East Sussex as possible.

After receiving support from VCES, I was able to formulate a strategy around advertising our volunteer opportunities. Enabling me to think about who may be interested in becoming a volunteer advocate with POhWER and how to ensure these individuals could be informed of our opportunities

At this present time I am at the stage of putting these plans into action and beginning to reach out to different communities across East Sussex and promote our opportunities at POhWER.

So far, with the information and guidance provided by VCES the process of promoting our volunteer opportunities has been achieved with relative ease and has been received very positively.

VCES has been extremely helpful providing both support and guidance in the area of not only volunteer recruitment, but also of local knowledge.

To read more about POhWER have a look at the POhWER website.