East Sussex Volunteer Coordinators’ Networking Forum: Unblocking the Blocks!

In an ideal world volunteers and employees would always work cozily alongside each other. There would be no potential for misunderstandings, unease and fears from employees that volunteers might ‘take my job away’ would not exist and all volunteers would be clear about their roles and not try to occasionally exceed them. Alas! We don’t live in an ideal world and as the person responsible for your organisation’s volunteering programme, you can often feel left in the middle of a lot of (usually) unspoken tension. Come and explore some of these issues and discuss potential ways of alleviating them.
The next meeting of our ever-popular Forum will take place on Friday 31st July from 10 am to 1 pm at The Jerwood Gallery in Hastings. As well as all the usual Forum elements; topical discussion, local and national volunteering news and plenty of networking, there will also be an opportunity to look around the Gallery and enjoy the splendid sea views!

To book your place please email lee.shepherd@vces.org.uk.