These resources are designed to help you to work with volunteers in ways that suit your organisation.

We will add resources on a regular basis and welcome your feedback and recommendations, or requests for any further resources you’d like us to add.

Essential Guides

Our range of Essential Guides cover a variety of topics. Each guide has ‘all you need to know’ basic information and links to help you locate further information. They are the ideal starting point for finding out more on any aspect of working with volunteers.

NEW! Young People and Volunteering. East Sussex Guide for organisations who want to successfully recruit young volunteers. 

Essential Guide to Writing a Volunteer Policy

Essential Guide to Health and Safety of Volunteers

Essential Guide to Insurance for Volunteers

Essential Guide to Marketing Volunteer Opportunities

Essential Guide to Understanding Volunteer Motivation

Essential Guide to Writing Volunteer Opportunities for the Do-It Website

Essential Guide to Recruiting Diverse Volunteers

Essential Guide to Safer Recruitment and Selection of Volunteers

Essential Guide to Providing Support to Volunteers

Essential Guide to Reimbursing Volunteer Expenses

Any Organisation

Thank you for sending the forms through, I did develop my own but yours are more comprehensive so I will adapt and phase those in over time.
[cite]Rebecca Fletcher, Volunteer Coordinator, The Jerwood Gallery[/cite]

We hope you find our range of resources under the banner ‘Any Organisation’ useful. You can adapt these template resources for your own use and there is no copyright infringement. All we ask is that you acknowledge Volunteer Centre East Sussex as the source. Please remember that these documents are best practice guides and are in no way intended to provide definitive legal advice.

‘Any Organisation’ is intended to be as representative as possible interpretation of a typical volunteer organisation. We recognise it is not your organisation and we strongly recommend that you do not attempt to use these documents by copying them wholesale.