Every year, 1,200 people apply for volunteering opportunities in East Sussex.  The ways in which successful volunteer recruitment happens varies both for the organisations and people seeking volunteering.

Getting started

One of the successful ways to promote volunteering opportunities is Do-It, a national on-line database of local opportunities.

Changes you need to know about

A new Do-it has been recently launched. It allows organisations to be in charge and manage the volunteer recruitment process directly. This makes it quicker for you and for people applying for your roles.

But it means your organisation needs to register directly on do-it and you need to upload opportunities yourself. VCES will no longer offer a service of advertising volunteer roles on Do-it on behalf of organisations.

We have great, simple instructions how to register your organisation, upload opportunities, reply to people seeking volunteering etc.

What else

Do-it can be a great place to promote your opportunities, but many organisations find other avenues successful, for example local media, local community centre, word of mouth etc.

For full advice on how to successfully recruit volunteers, visit our updated Guide on Marketing Volunteer Opportunities.


What we can’t do

Sadly, we can’t provide volunteers to order.  We provide information about volunteering opportunities to people, rather than holding lists of prospective volunteers. It is then up to those individuals to make contact with you. It’s also important to note that we cannot find volunteers for individual people – it is best to contact a relevant organisation to meet someone’s support needs.