Planning to work with Volunteers

Hastings Voluntary Action, Jackson Hall, Portland Place, Hastings TN34 1QN

Starting to involve volunteers in your organisation involves asking some basic questions, such as do we know exactly why we are engaging volunteers, what will it cost to involve our volunteers and how many volunteers should we and can we involve? This Masterclass is designed to allow people and groups new to working with volunteers to find their own answers to these questions in a relaxed learning environment.

It’s the first time I actually enjoyed coming to training

[cite]VCES Training participant, March 2013[/cite]

This workshop will cover

  • Helping you to be clear about why you are involving volunteers in your organisation.
  • Basic information about allocating funds to work with volunteers.
  • How to create clear volunteer roles.
  • The different issues that motivate people to volunteer and how to meet those different motivations.
  • Basic information about marketing volunteering with your organisation.
  • Basic legal information you need to know about volunteers’ rights and responsibilities, including expenses.

Who should attend this session?

This is a basic level workshop and should be ideal for anyone, and/or organisations that have recently started working with volunteers.

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