The best practice resources listed below are aimed at assisting you to decide what areas of working with volunteers you need to include in your organisation’s volunteer policy. There are also a range of template documents that you can adapt for your organisation’s own use.

Writing a Volunteer Policy

Writing a volunteer policy can often seem a daunting task, this Essential guide simplifies the main points and demystifies what to include and what to leave out:

Essential guide – Writing a  volunteer policy

The main areas to include are outlined in this template which you can adapt for your own use:

 Any organisation – Volunteer policy

Volunteer Health & Safety

A clear outline of what information you must give to your volunteers about health and safety is included in the Essential Guide and there are links telling you where to get further information:

Essential Guide  Health & Safety of volunteers

Problem Solving Policy

You can identify practical ways of resolving difficulties with volunteers in your organisation by adapting this template:

Any organisation – Problem solving policy

Reimbursing Volunteer Expenses

This Essential Guide covers the importance of reimbursing volunteer expenses and help you to consider how your organisation can best go about doing so:

Essential Guide  Reimbursing Volunteer Expenses

Equality and Diversity

This Essential Guide covers how to make sure that volunteers are protected by and required to work within your equal opportunities policy and practices:

Essential Guide  How to encourage a diverse range of people to volunteer for your organisation


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