The best practice resources listed below are designed to guide you step by step through how to recruit and select volunteers for your organisation.

Role Descriptions

Volunteers need to know exactly what you are engaging them to do, using this template will allow you to design your own clear role description:

Any Organisation – Volunteer task description (PDF)

Marketing Opportunities

We promote volunteer opportunities online via the national volunteering database, ‘Do-It’ and at all relevant advice sessions with potential volunteers. This Essential guide will help you to write concise and appealing copy to attract potential volunteers:

Essential Guide – Essential Guide to Marketing Volunteer Opportunities Updated June 2015

Recruiting diverse volunteers

This Essential guide encourages you to think through the advantages of involving a whole range of different people in volunteering and will help you to identify the barriers that some people face in getting involved and to consider what you can to do to reduce those obstacles and involve more people in volunteering with your organisation:

Essential Guide –  Essential Guide to Recruiting Diverse Volunteers(PDF)

Interview Questions

If you select volunteers it’s important to make that a fair process by asking people the same questions, adapting enables you to ask everyone what you need to know:

Any organisation – Interview questions (PDF)

Emergency Contact Details

This template offers a model for collecting information you may need about a volunteer in the event of something going wrong:

Any organisation – Volunteers emergency contact form (PDF)

Volunteer Good Practice Agreement

You can adapt this template to summarise your volunteers’ rights and responsibilities as they apply in your organisation:

Any organisation – Volunteer good practice agreement (PDF)