Our service delivery has changed a little…

Volunteer Centre group support – advice on volunteer recruitment, support and management  –  is now being provided by VCES in collaboration with our partner CVSs, 3VA, HVA and RVA.

So where you would normally have contacted Lee Shepherd for all VCES organisation support matters countywide, we now have a team of people delivering these services locally. These are now your local contacts for group support:

Lee Shepherd, Volunteering Development Coordinator, VCES –  Lewes District and enquiries from groups with a multi-region /  countywide presence, tel: 01273-483832 / 07535-992638, email: Lee.Shepherd@vces.org.uk

Maureen Anstey, Community Development Officer, 3VA – Eastbourne, tel: 01323-419788, email: Maureen. Anstey@3va.org.uk

Karl Parks, Community Development Officer, 3VA – Wealden, tel: 07944-473010, email: Karl.Parks@3va.org.uk

Peter Thorpe, Deputy Director, HVA – Hastings, tel: 01424-444010, email: peter@hvauk.org

Sam Stone, Community Services Coordinator, RVA – Rother, tel: 01424-217259, email: sam.stone@rva.uk.com

All five contacts will now provide a one-stop-shop advice service that combines CVS and VCES support. We hope that this will improve the experience that you have of our service, whilst also making our delivery more efficient.

Where advice for individuals is concerned, the situation remains much the same, with our first response being to direct enquirers to the Volunteers page of the VCES website (http://www.vces.org.uk/volunteer/now/), or our printed Your guide to volunteering booklet (available in libraries and other public spaces countywide). And then secondly, with our Volunteering Advisor, Brenda Bruzon, providing advice over the telephone and by email to enquirers countywide for those who need extra support. Local expert help is also available in Rye and Uckfield through our partners, RVA and UVC.


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